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2015.03.04 12:00 AM
ZOTAC Steam Machine takes PC gaming beyond the computer

ZOTAC shifts PC Gaming to the living room with the ZOTAC Steam Machine SN970HONG KONG - Ma......

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2015.01.21 12:00 AM
ZOTAC freezes the GeForce GTX 960 series graphics card

The new ZOTAC GeForce GTX 960 series renders the virtual world, enhancing performance whil......

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2015.01.02 12:00 AM
Join ZOTAC at CES 2015

ZOTAC Crams More Technology into their ZBOX Mini-PCs and Dares to Experiment at CES 2015HO......

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2014.10.01 12:00 AM
ZOTAC Injects Palm-Sized ZBOX nano XS with Double Dose of Performance

New ZOTAC ZBOX MI521 nano XS series embraces a 4th Generation Intel Core processor for a d......

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2014.09.19 12:00 AM
ZOTAC Innovates Beyond Thermal Design

ZOTAC Innovates Beyond Thermal Design with Next-Generation NVIDIA Maxwell Architecture. Un......

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2014.08.27 12:00 AM
ZOTAC Shrinks Mini-PC Further with New Pocket-Sized ZBOX PI320 pico

New ZOTAC ZBOX PI320 pico delivers superb computing experience in a compact and versatile ......

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2014.08.11 12:00 AM
ZOTAC Silences Powerful GeForce GTX 750 Graphics Card

New ZOTAC GeForce GTX 750 ZONE Edition delivers a quiet high-end PC gaming experience with......

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2014.08.07 12:00 AM
ZOTAC ZBOX Plus Windows 8.1 with Bing mini-PCs Now Shipping

Perfect everyday computing mini-PCs now with Windows 8.1 with Bing in four different flavo......

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2014.06.18 12:00 AM
ZOTAC Releases GeForce GT 730 Series

ZOTAC GeForce GT 730 series enhances everyday computing experienceHONG KONG – Jun. 18, 201......

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2014.06.02 12:00 AM
ZOTAC Starts Computex 2014 With Quartet of Silent ZBOX mini-PCs

New ZOTAC ZBOX C-series nano mini-PCs combine new fan-less chassis with high-performance p......

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2014.05.29 12:00 AM
ZOTAC Announces GeForce GT 740 Series

New ZOTAC GeForce GT 740 series is the perfect upgrade to accelerate visual computing expe......

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2014.05.28 12:00 AM
ZOTAC Ushers in New Era of Gaming with ZBOX EN760 mini-PCs

New ZOTAC ZBOX EN760 series combine NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M graphics with 4th Generation I......

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2014.05.28 12:00 AM
ZOTAC Unleashes Most Powerful Graphics Card

New ZOTAC GeForce GTX TITAN Z delivers best experience for high-quality 4K gaming and imme......

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2014.05.21 12:00 AM
ZOTAC Unveils New ZBOX Sphere OI520 Series

New ZOTAC ZBOX Sphere OI520 series delivers powerful computing with a touch of individuali......

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2014.03.10 12:00 AM
ZOTAC Starts CeBIT 2014 with New ZBOX E-Series Gaming and ZBOX nano AQ02 Series Palm-Sized mini-PCs

New ZOTAC ZBOX E-series gaming mini-PCs deliver an excellent small form factor gaming expe......

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