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Everything about ZOTAC GAMING

2020.05.13 1:00 AM

If you are a long-time fan of ZOTAC, you may know that ZOTAC GAMING is a recent addition to the brand, yet a significant one. ZOTAC GAMING is dedicated to all things PC gaming with gaming hardware such as graphics cards and gaming systems featuring a futuristic style with a dark color scheme. In case you are new to the brand, here's a quick look at what ZOTAC GAMING is:




ZOTAC GAMING is the pioneering movement that comes forth from the core of the ZOTAC brand for a sole mission - to create the ultimate hardware fit for the undefeated and the battle experienced, and for enthusiasts who live to game in only the highest caliber of performance.



Founded in 2017, ZOTAC GAMING represents over a decade of precision performance. We utilize the essence of our engineering prowess and design expertise behind ZOTAC to establish ZOTAC GAMING, which promises to deliver the absolute best PC gaming experience.




The short and simple motto LIVE TO GAME speaks for every gamer and for the ZOTAC GAMING brand. We play games for fun whenever we have spare time and we think gaming is more art than just gaming in which we could dig deep and immerse ourselves. While we don’t have the skillset to play professionally, we try to place ourselves in the mindset of the casual and pro gamer and design our products to look, feel, and perform how they want so that our hardware can continue to power their everyday gaming needs.





We create an imperfect face of a robotic warrior. Behind the piercing stare lies the strength and future technologies that fulfills the ego of those on the battlefield. The hero logo mark represents the imperfect in all of us yet we stay poised and hold within, an overpowering presence that commands us to push beyond the limit.





The spirit of the ZOTAC GAMING badge is infused in the look of the MEK Robot. There is no better mascot we could ask for as it aligns perfectly with our hardware design: futuristic and powerful. Follow our Facebook, Twitter or IG to see more of the mascot. There’s even an official ZOTAC Giphy Channel utilizing the MEK Robot in various fun GIFs and stickers that anyone using social media can use.


Product Series



MEK Gaming PC series is the herald in the arsenal of ZOTAC GAMING and breaks from the traditional to realize the most ambitious ideas for gaming hardware. ZOTAC GAMING graphics cards enables us to power more gaming systems as we understand gamers may prefer to have more control over their hardware and performance.




Don't waste your talent if you love competition. While ZOTAC GAMING gives you the hardware to meet your full potential, ZOTAC CUP gives you the esports platform to shine. There are tournaments available every week or bi-weekly with cash prizing on the line. Go to ZOTAC CUP to sign up and play, it’s free.

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