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Spectre & Meltdown Bug

We will issue BIOS updates to address the Spectre & Meltdown bugs on our ZBOX Mini PCs with the following priorities and time schedule.


Current shipment ZBOX models (Highest Priority) : Kaby Lake-R, Kaby Lake, Skylake, Braswell, Apollo Lake, Cherry Trail (CPU Classes)

* BIOS update to be released by End / January (2018)


Next Priority ZBOX (EOL, or nearly EOL) : Skylake, Braswell, Broadwell, Haswell, Bay Trail (CPU Classes)

* BIOS update to be released by Feb (2018)


Low Priority ZBOX (EOL) : Skylake, Broadwell, Haswell, Cherry Trail, Cedar Trail, Bay Trail, Ivy-Bridge (CPU Classes)

* BIOS update to be released by March (2018)


Older ZBOX Mini PC products (> 5 Years old) will not receive further support.


Please note that to fully patch the Spectre and Meltdown bug will require a two step process. 1. BIOS update 2. Windows update


Please ensure that your Windows has the latest updates.


The above time table is an estimate and can change without due notice.


Update (Jan 30 2018)

With Intel withdrawing its release of their patch, it will affect our above listed schedule of releases until further notice.


Open Apps wechat and Scan the above QR code.