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Special Features and Highlights of the MEK Ultra

2019.08.15 12:00 AM

One of the most formidable PC Gaming systems to come from the ZOTAC GAMING MEK product lineup, the ZOTAC GAMING MEK ULTRA is at the top of the performance chart when it comes to pre-built PC gaming systems. Although it has the usual set of components necessary to operate and perform, it also has some unique features as well. 

So, what makes the MEK ULTRA so...ultra? Besides it’s powerful ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX graphics card and Intel Core processing, we take a look at some of the more unique features of the MEK ULTRA provides. After all, a gaming system such as this surely provides more than what is seen at first glance.

AIO Watercooling:
The MEK ULTRA comes equipped with a powerful multi-core Intel Core processor. Most pre-built systems will come with a standard heatsink and fan mounted on top of the processor. However, the MEK ULTRA (being ultra and all…) uses an integrated All-in-One (AIO) Watercooling system that does an excellent job at keeping the Intel processor’s temperature within operating limits, even when pushing the MEK ULTRA to the max. The AIO system features a built-in pump, radiator, robust tubing, and integrated ARGB lighting that is controlled by the SPECTRA 2.0 application. The built-in AIO watercooling is one of the more overlooked features of the MEK ULTRA, but it’s there and doing an excellent job at keeping that Intel processor cool.

SPECTRA 2.0 capabilities:
ARGB lighting is pretty much built into every computer component these days and the MEK ULTRA is no slouch when it comes to displaying its own moody lights, fitting enough for any gaming station or room. With the MEK ULTRA, the AIO watercooling system, ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX graphics card, front facing lighting bars, and for some models the DDR memory, can all be controlled via the proprietary SPECTRA 2.0 application.

ARGB SPECTRA 2.0 Memory (on select models):
Pre-built systems will often come with a basic set of memory with a non-flashy heatsink - this of course, doesn’t seem very fitting for the MEK ULTRA. For some select MEK ULTRA models, the DDR memory comes with ARGB memory. Not only will the outside of the MEK ULTRA light up your room, but inside as well.

Gold Rated Power Supply Unit:
One of the most important and often overlooked components of a modern day pre-built gaming PC is the Power Supply component. You won’t find that with the MEK ULTRA for it has a modular power supply that is Gold Rated which means minimal ripple with clean, stable power for all of the system’s power hungry components. Even the power cable is beefy and thick because after all, this computer isn’t your grandparents' PC, this is the MEK ULTRA. 

Killer AC 1550 Wireless Connectivity:
You can always run a network cable to the MEK ULTRA and utilize its integrated Intel Gigabit Ethernet port, but sometimes the convenience of having a wireless connection outweighs the performance that is provided with a network cable. Thankfully, you can expect good pings and a solid connection with the integrated Killer AC 1550 wireless component of the MEK ULTRA. If you’ve got to go wireless with your PC gaming, at least you’ll have one of the best PC gamer focused wireless components available.

Optional Tempered Glass side panel:
An optional, heavy duty Tempered Glass panel is included with the MEK ULTRA so that you can see all the colors of SPECTRA 2.0 lighting as well as all the awesome components that work together to provide you with a silky smooth, ultra experience. Not all pre-built PC gaming systems will come with an option to switch out a basic non-see through side panel with a tempered glass panel, but the MEK ULTRA has got you covered if you like having some options. 

You can view all available MEK ULTRA models here. If you are in the United States, order your  ZOTAC GAMING MEK ULTRA directly from the ZOTAC STORE.

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