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ZOTAC CUP Sees a Surge in Player Sign-ups

2020.04.13 7:45 PM

The ZOTAC CUP eSports tournament platform has seen a surge in player sign ups. But why?

Is it:

  • Out of curiosity as to what ZOTAC CUP is and about?
  • Because its free to sign up and free to play?
  • To play in their favorite games offered on ZOTAC CUP such as Overwatch, League of Legends, PUBG, Fortnite, or Hearthstone?
  • To test their skills and climb the ZOTAC CUP Leaderboard rankings?
  • To accumulate ZOTAC CUP Points to redeem towards amazing prizing such as Steam Wallet Codes or even a powerful ZOTAC GAMING GeForce graphics card?
  • To win cash prizing in hundreds of dollars?
  • To find and connect with other games of the same community?

Or is it just reality?

It’s probably all of the above. But no matter the reason, we see the demand, and we’re taking things at ZOTAC CUP up a notch to ensure that gamers can continue competing and continue to participate and sign up uninterrupted.


Expanded Capacity

Popular tournaments on the ZOTAC CUP platform are League of Legends and Hearthstone. With tournament registrations reaching maximum player registrations, many gamers we’re left unable to participate and fight the good fight. We’ve since doubled the maximum player registration capacity so no gamer is left behind. The other game titles aren’t far behind and we’ll look to double the registration capacity for those too. We’ll increase the maximum player registration even more if we need to and looking at the data, we might just have to.



To make it easy for all the gamers, we’ve added even more ZOTAC CUP tournaments and making them available either on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Just come back on the same day and time the following week or following two weeks and gamers can get right back into the fight, earning ZOTAC CUP points towards prizing, and climbing the Leaderboards. You might even be facing some of the same opponents.


Increased Tournament Availability

The ZOTAC CUP has always been a global eSports Tournament platform so as long as you have a PC capable of running games, a solid internet connection, and enjoy playing one of the many available game titles on the ZOTAC CUP platform. If you’re in Latin America, North America, Asia Pacific, or in Europe, there’s a very good chance there’s a ZOTAC CUP tournament available for you to join.


Increasing Reach

Gaming has never been more important today as it helps many past time, cope with issues, build a community, connect and make friends beyond borders, and it’s just really fun. We’ve beefed up the ZOTAC CUP platform to ensure those who want to play can play. But there are other tournaments beyond ZOTAC CUP who also ensure those who want to play can play. So we reached out to a few gaming communities to help and sponsor their tournaments…meaning the prize pools for the tournaments will be provided by ZOTAC CUP. Be sure to check out the ZOTAC CUP sponsored Hearthstone tournaments from Black Claws and Fortnite tournaments from VNM Tourneys.


Find a ZOTAC CUP tournament at http://zotac-cup.com


Stay safe while you stay home and game strong.


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